Oral strips are a relatively new drug delivery system that is gaining popularity due to their convenience, ease of use and fast-acting nature. Rooted in the principles of chemistry and pharmacology, the technology behind oral strips involves a combination of polymers, plasticizers and other excipients that are carefully formulated to create a stable, flexible film. This thin, water-soluble film contains nutrients, and when the strip dissolves in your mouth, those nutrients are delivered right to your bloodstream instantly through the oral mucosa. Because the strip dissolves in seconds, this rapid absorption allows for a quick onset of action.

The key to the effectiveness of oral strips is their ability to bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream directly. This avoids the first-pass metabolism that occurs when pills or gummies are taken orally and processed by the liver, which often reduces the bioavailability of the nutrients.

This is especially important for water-soluble vitamins, which are highly susceptible to degradation during digestion. And almost all essential nutrients are water-soluble, including Vitamin C and all the B vitamins.

Oral strips also require less ingredients, resulting in a more pure product. Traditional pills and capsules must protect vitamins during digestion, and do so with a coating that contains unnecessary ingredients such as fillers or binders. Because oral strips deliver nutrients right to the bloodstream, they use minimal ingredients, resulting in a cleaner product.

Helpys oral strips are designed with plant-based ingredients from the lush fields of India to deliver the best potency, absorption and bioavailability. We keep our products free of artificial flavors and colors, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. And our oral strips are scientifically tested in independent laboratories for quality and purity, working with regulatory experts to ensure traceability and excellence at every stage of manufacturing.

Oral strips have become a great alternative to traditional pills, capsules, gummies and drops for taking essential nutrients, and with how easy and convenient they are, they are definitely worthconsidering.  

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